Boker 12545 Applegate.

Boker 12545 Applegate Review The Boker 12545 Applegate is a dagger style knife, which has a 5 inch blade. The Boker 12545 Applegate was designed by William Harsey, who is well-known for his tactical knife designs. Many of his knives are highly sought after across the globe because they are custom made. The Boker 12545 … [Read more…]

John EK Commando EK44.

John EK Commando EK44 1095 Review After Ka-Bar successfully gained the rights to manufacture John EK Commando Knives, the company has introduced us the John EK Commando EK44 1095 model which is like an upgraded model of the classic jungle knife. The tactical knife highlights the customary ‘x’-head pin, textured handle and the double-edge blade. … [Read more…]

ISAK Commando Israel Army.

ISAK Commando Israel Army 11.7IN Review This is creatively designed knife that was, and it is still used mostly by the Israel Army. This is because of its robust design and excellent parts fixation which make it stronger than most of the outdoor knives. It is perfect outdoor working tool that is enriched with a … [Read more…]

Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8.

Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8 This is a survival knife! For those who are well experienced and know exactly what they want from a knife, it is best to try the Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8. This is a multi-tasking amazing survival knife that will definitely enable you to perform your daily tasks easier and with more confidence. Specific … [Read more…]

Columbia River 2915 Shinbu.

Columbia River 2915 Shinbu Review There is an increasing amount of tactical knives that resembles the characteristic of a Japanese samurai sword. You are probably familiar with the hisshou and the hissatsu knife, the Shinbu would be the smaller version of the Hisshou knife which is also manufactured by Columbia River. The knife comes with … [Read more…]

Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum.

Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum is without a doubt one of the finest knives ever made. With attention to detail and high-quality standards, this knife is ideal for literally any task. The last of Warcraft series, it has a heavy chopping blade and an amazing design. Specifications The blade’s length is 12’’, … [Read more…]

Viper David Fixed Blade.

Viper David Fixed Blade PVD Review The Viper David Fixed Blade PVD is a full tang knife that is made in Maniago, Italy. Maniago, Italy is where the Tencocut Company is based out of, which makes all the Viper brand knives. There are other popular knives brands from Italy are based out of Maniago. The … [Read more…]

The Belt Knife Maple.

The Belt Knife Maple Tribal – Knife Review If you know a little something about outdoor activity and utility knives, you are well aware of the fact that choosing the best one is not an easy endeavor. There is quite a lot of consideration and planning that goes into buying a unit of the kind … [Read more…]

Boker 121551 Dam.

Boker 121551 Dam – Tactical Knife Straight from the Middle Ages If you are looking for a beautiful tactical knife to add to your collection, then consider buying the Boker 121551 Dam. It has been designed and made based on the traditional European Damascus sword smithing process. As a result, you get a well-crafted knife … [Read more…]