Extrema Ratio Bayonet.

Extrema Ratio is one of those foreign companies that Americans cannot help but to love and respect. Extema deals in very high quality and top notch performance weapons. Having been in business for nearly twenty years now, Extrema Ratio is legendary for it’s excellence in the arena of tactical and military styled knives. Every knife the forge is made of N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel delivered to Extrema from a tiny steel mill at the country of Austria. Lets not forget how sometimes the only way we can get what we need at the quality level that we needed it, is to do business with a small, not public, privately owned company, as the Austrian steel plant that is being described. That intimate relationship is one of the keys to Extrema’s success.

Forprene is the material used on the grips of the knives, and the beauty of that polymer is that is remains grip worthy even when wet. That is critical in a combat situation. When Extrema designs the knives, they recruit real life end users to take part on the process as to make sure that real customers are thought of and given consideration to every step pf the way. Extrema fabricates knives as large as a Kukri to as small as a folding blades, and of course offers a wide range of sizes in between.

It really is not often that i am willing to heap praise on a foreign firm, I am not saying that my USA does not have quality competition. I am just saying i am not in the habit of saying good things about foreign companies. However the truth is, this company deserves every compliment it receives. They actually work closely with the Italian military as well as other Armed Forces in an effort to develop the high quality products that they design. In this post we will look at their tactical bayonet, and give it a solid look see.

Here we have a truly fantastic bayonet. It happens to used by the Italian Army, and was issued to Italian soldiers assisting the USA at Afghanistan. Word has it that the Italian soldiers much preferred this weapon to any other combat knife issued by the Italian military. Cut from that amazing cobalt stainless steel, 6.3 mm thick slab hardened to 58 HRC, the blade is just over 7 inches in length.7.09,. The importance of the design of this bayonet cannot be stressed enough. It has grown to become one of the most revered bayonets of all time.

The edges of the blade are extremely sharp, and there are serrations at that top assisting the bayonet in being a great tool for rope or line cutting. It can be used as well for food preparation, gathering wood for a fire, and all types of slicing and dicing.┬áIt’s a tactical knife capable of all sorts of practical survival chores.

Get on the internet and look up this bayonet. If you are a collector of foreign blades, you must consider adding this one.

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