Spyderco Street Bowie.

Spyderco knives operates out of Golden Colorado, USA. Their knives are known for being unique and quite different from other knives on the market. One could actually say, with good reason, that their knives kind look a bit weird. However, this is one of those cases where weird is just fine. Spyderco is one of those firms that insists on thinking outside the box. That is a good thing, as the last thing we need on this planet is for all things to be the same and look the same. We need to remain stimulated, and challenged by new ideas and objects. The great thing about Spyderco is they are no an ordinary normal knife company. They have a way, through innovation, of giving us new knives, and creative knives also. Yet there is no need for concern.

No matter how unusual or crazy a Spyderco knife may end up looking, you can bet your life it will be a cutting tool extraordinaire. These tools are designed for maximum comfort while delivering amazing performance, and unique qualification as well. Spyderco  does a lot to study steels, and the science or corrosion and rust, as well as shapes and usefulness of various eccentric designs.

Do not prejudge this company or its products. That would be a sad mistake, and great loss for you. Keep an open mind regarding this firm and its blades. We need companies like this to keep things fresh and exciting.

In this post we will look at a tactical knife. The Street Bowie. The design is fairly conservative, but check it out. It’s an awesome blade for sure. Then after this post, go online and scope the unique shapes and sizes of their other products.

Image result for fred perrin street bowie

This knife was designed with a former french Commando named Fred Perrin. That is awesome because what type of person do we want designing tactical knives? Yes we need Commandos to assist in every stage of development. Fred Perrin is also an amazing martial artist and hand to hand combat expert. The blade on this knife has a ceramic coating, and the coating is very close to the hardness of a diamond. The inner part of the blade is VG-10 stainless steel for strength and coolness. The handle is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, and is forever bonded to the tang and has serious grip due to the traction of the kraton rubber panels. The knife also has a G-Clip as well.

You must consider going to Spyderco’s website, and look through their catalog. My simple posts on my website are not enough for you to really get to know this company or it’s many products. As great a street tactical knife as this Bowie is, there are plenty of other truly unique knives to see online from Spyderco. Check it out, and enjoy.

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