Gerber Silver Trident.

Gerber was founded during calendar year 1939, and of course is based out of Portland Oregon, USA. An awesome American brand, the products of Gerber have a truly global expanse,and the company, as well as what it makes, is respected world wide. Tradesman, hunters, fisherman, military people, all have had a hand in carrying Gerber knives. ¬†Gerber is one of those companies, that even though it is 70 plus years old, the firm continues to grow. It’s all about the principles of making tools and knives that are innovative, crafted of the best quality materials, and are built not just to last a lifetime, but to also be handed down to the next generation.

At this time, Gerber is not just a knife company. Gerber makes machetes, axes, saws, headlamps, survival kits and gear, digging tools, way too much to type in a post. Gerber makes the promise that whatever they fabricate will have the same awesome quality as their world famous knives. New directions yes, but the same old fashioned can be counted on style that people think of when the think of Gerber knives. Gerber knives are not just sold these days, they are actually collected. That’s right. Collectors actually still sell and trade Gerber knives of old. That really says more than anyone needs to say about this amazing American icon.

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The amazing Gerber Silver Trident is quite possibly one of the most comfortable combat knives ever produced. The handle is indeed both a work of art and a work of practical ingenuity. There really is no way to  destroy the handle, and it has a very grip easy cover, as well as a very hard inner core. The butt of the handle is made of stainless steel, and when needed can be used as a hammering device during an emergency.

The blade of this knife is made of 154 CM stainless steel, and keeps a very sharp edge significantly longer than other levels of stainless steel. The consumer has a choice of double edged blades with partial serrations, or partial chisel tip serrations. This knife weighs 320 grams, and is very neutral as to balance. A very high quality knife indeed for a consumer, collector, or outdoors person. So many excellent reviews of this knife appear in magazines as well as on the internet.

Go online an look into Gerber and it’s products. It is a very good company to know about. Also when you consider the diversity of products now in the Gerber catalog, superb quality is now available in just about anything that cuts or has an edge to it. Research Gerber, read some reviews. I will with out a doubt be a very good use of your quite valuable time.

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