Desert Nomad Knife.

It was eighteen years ago. Late in the year 1998, that Tops Knives was born. The objective was quite clear. Design, create, and manufacture the very best quality of knives that could be found. The Tops group has labored extensively with people who have a background in survival, martial arts, native american weaponry, law enforcement, and the military. They have done design collaborations with Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and members of elite Swat Teams. Tops Knives boasts a designer from just bout every niche groups as it pertains to knives. All knives designed and manufactures by Tops are made in the USA at their Rocky Mountains facility.

It is the noble objective of Tops Knives to over build, make rugged, keep uniquely American, the most functional blade driven tools that can be found on the market today. This endevour is only accomplished via truly innovative manufacturing, expert finishing, and meticulous rel life test studies. It’s worth saying that many of Tops knives are forged from a highly respected form of steel known as 1095 High Carbon Alloy. On the Rockwell hardness scale, the blades measure out at an average hardness of 56 to 58. Please note, if abused or seriously misused, a good knife can be deformed.

Image result for Desert Nomad: TOPS Knives’ Fixed Combat Blade

This knife is truly prepared to face the desert sands. A knife designed for combat with plenty of very helpful features, in a comfortable light weight design. The maintenance of this knife is not a chore at all considering it’s 440C stainless steel blade. This knife is easy to use and quite nimble. Carrying it is a breeze, and the blade is always ready to make whatever cuts circumstances may require. Combat situations, self defense needs, survival emergencies. Every contingency of life can be given aid by this awesome tool. As for handle, nothing less than a high grip G10 offering the user the serious level of hand traction needed to ensure lack of slippage. Genuine sheath of black leather is offered which of course is more authentic than nylon or other man made materials.

As with all knives, keeping the blade clean when not in use will help the knife offer the lifetime of use that Tops Knives intends you to enjoy. A sharpening service, free of charge is offered to all original owners of a Tops knife. The service does include the knife blade as well as any saw teeth and serrations. If rugged use of the knife should result in the need for refinishing, it can be done for a modest fee depending on the size and model of the knife.

Make your next knife a Tops knife. Go USA. It still doesn’t hurt to have country of origin loyalty. TOPS KNIVES, proudly made in the USA.

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