Adept 1010 Tanto Blade.

This is another fine Italian blade. The Adept 1010 has a 5.91 inch blade length as well as .20 inches of blade thickness. The blade itself is made of N690C0 hardened stainless steel which measures at about 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Reflection of light as well as possible corrosion is guarded against by a coating of PVD colored black. The overall length of this product including it’s handle is 11.34 inches. I must say, i am partial to made in the USA products, because i am American, but Italian knives are something to behold. Again, my American heritage has me craving made in America, but Europe is a close second, with Japan a very respectable third.

Regarding the sheath for this blade, one great thing is the absence of Velcro. I am not a big fan of Velcro for knife sheaths, as they have a habit of opening up too easily. These blade sheaths made by adept  have a two snap keeper strap, which very much keeps the knife in place when not in use. The knife has a tanto point, and would easily pierce garments or most gear if you were to find yourself in a combat circumstance.

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This knife is strong enough to be easily driven into the ground with a hammer if needed as a stake in an emergency survival situation. It does a great job cutting stakes as well from wood and cutting branches into poles for an emergency shelter. This knife, in addition to being a great knife for combat, does n excellent job accomplishing outdoor chores. The knife sharpens up easily and holds an edge for a great period of time. The thing about being stuck out in the field during a conflict, it is very much similar to being homeless for awhile, or living in the outdoors for an extended duration of time. It is very important to have a knife that can stand up during a fight with any type of creature, human or animal alike. However the knife must offer versatility.

These Italian knives are amazing. Italy and it’s knives manufactures seem to have a strong commitment to using small companies to provide them with materials. I am a huge fan of this because small, non publicly trades, often family owned business take pride of creation to it’s highest levels possible. The use of smaller European steel mills is also of great benefit, as the knife makers can really control what their knives are made of. ┬áSort of reminds me of the old days here in America. Sure those days appear to be gone, but not at Europe.

Always keep an eye out for good made in the USA products, but do not short change Europe. This Italian knife is a fine example of such manufacturing.

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