KA-BAR Marine Combat.

KA-BAR is an American icon. Having been fabricating knives since 1898, their products are legendary among knife enthusiasts. What they make is known for it’s process, testing procedures and quality. Much is done to be sure the knives are corrosion resistant, remain strong for decades, maintain their edge and overall durability. In other words when you order a KA-BAR blade, you can very much expect to have a razor sharp product in your hands from the moment you remove it from the box.

The company’s unique and iconic name is believed to come from a fur trapper who was being attacked by a bear. The trapper’s gun jammed at the worst possible moment, and the trapper only survived because of his awesome knife made by great, great grandfathers of the current KA-BAR company. Now that is a truly awesome American knife story.

KA-BAR Knives, Inc. has a reputation for quality survival, sporting, military, hunting, fishing, and yes also all purpose daily use knives. They have a great online store, as well as their products being available at retailers and distributors nationwide.

You may recall that there was quite the war at end of the 1930s, and did not end until 1945. Yes it was World War II back then. During the winter of 1942, December to be more exact, KA-BAR Knives submitted a blade to the United States Marine Corp. The idea was that maybe, just maybe, the Marines would see the integrity of the product. That maybe the Marines would understand that an effort had been made to deliver to our boys, the best tactical knife created up to that date. It was a work of love of country as well as an effort to offer to the Corp. a knife that would possible be available for general use by our beloved Marines.

Not only was this knife so iconic during the war, that as the conflict grew in escalation, our boys actually called this style knife a KA-BAR, no matter who the fabricator of the knife may have been. Not only did the Marines adopt this knife their as their very own, the blade was embraced by the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard as well.

If you love knives, this is an iconoclast that you must have as part of your collection. This knife is a trusted piece of Americana. You can count on this knife to do just about any chore you could ever ask a knife to do. If you appreciate, made in the USA, no matter what part of the world you are from, it just makes sense to own on of these knives.

Go online and check it out, or visit a retailer near you, and just ask for KA-BAR.

Do not worry, they will know what you are asking for.

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