Pohl Force Mike One.

So let’s take a look at the Mike One. This knife has a full length of 8.6 inches. The knife has a weight of 5.7 ounces. Lion Steel Knives of Italy is the parent company of this product, and as is the case with most Italian knives, this knife is tough. With it’s length of 8.6 inches, it offers the user a blade that is 3.7 inches long. This knife is a flat grind, and it’s 5 mm blade thickness makes this is a very strong blade for this size of a knife. Even though it’s maker created a very thin, and sharp edge on the blade, it retains it’s thickness above the egde, and is a knife that can do some strong work. The version of this knife that interests me the most is the outdoor version.

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The outdoor version of the Mike One has a handsome stone washed blade finish to it that i prefer over the PVD black. The awesome blade is made from a German steel names Niolox. Niolox is a stainless steel that has proven to quite reliable both with tactical knives and survival knives as well. It is my fault that i have not read enough about Niolox, but i promise you that i will. It’s a steel that i must master the details with because it is a steel that is here to stay.

The handle of this knife looks amazing. It is sculpture in the form of a knife handle. Made of G10, the handle is a single slab, and it makes up the back spacer as well as the non lock side of the handle. The finish of the handle is nicely grooved for ergonomic value, and Lion Steel did an wonder of a job creating it’s titanium frame lock. Amazing handle if i may say so, and an amazing slip resistant grip is had when taking hold of this knife.

This knife come with a nice large wire clip. It’s a good strong clip with great stay in place qualities when used at the pocket. All i can say is be careful because if you wear fragile clothing, this could damage the pocket. Yeah that is how strong the clip is. Work pants, jeans, or some Strong outdoors wear should be fine.

To sum it up, this is another great Italian knife from Lion Steel, check out some other reviews online. So you can make an informed decision.

Product retails for around $200.

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