Blackwater Ursa 6.

The Ursa 6 is a hot looking knife. With a dense 6 mm spine, this knife is 11 inches long, and offers a blade that is 5.95 inches long. This is very much a tactical combat knife. Its not a bush knife or a knife intended for camp sites, but it really is strong enough to be of assistance in all venues mentioned. This is a soldier’s blade, and is built for action. This knife has a drop point blade, has kind of has the point shape of a dagger. Stabbing an object would be no problem for this knife, as well as cutting through the object in question. The knife has a black PVD and the blade is made of Niolox stainless steel from Germany. This blade holds it’s edge just fine, and will need less sharpening than other knives.

Blackwater URSA 6 11 3/8" overall 6" Particle Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated Niol


The Ursa 6 has a wonderful handle on it. Made of tough G10, the handle has a big feel in the hand, and gives the user confidence in the grip. The scales on the handle offer finger grooves for a grip that does not let go. Slip resistant as well, the knife has a big lanyard hold for a cord, and a pommel which can be used for hammer strikes. The knife is very balanced and ergonomically designed. The grip is not only sure, it’s quite comfortable.

The sheath for this knife is cordura, and is quite rugged and durable. There are different points upon the sheath where the owner can connect cord or web. The front of the sheath has a pocket area that is great for a pocket knife, or a stone for sharpening, or a fire stick. The other great thing about the sheath is the liner. The lining of the sheath can be removed and reversed so as to accommodate right or left handed users. The strap for retention is awesome as well, and there is a second strap that has a metal snap on it. This knife when carried stays where the user puts it, and that is a good safe feature. That extra strap and snap secure the weapon nicely.

To sum it up, this is a great product. Do yourself some reading of other reviews and read up on Niolox stainless steel. It’s going to be a big thing in blade technology, and it is always nice to see a western country put out some new steel. Germany is quite good at whatever they set their mind to. So check it out.

Product retails for about $270.

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