SOG Ops Tactical.

SOG is a popular name in knives, and they do combat, tactical knives quite well. This Ops knife is 9.5 inches in length, and has a blade that is 4.85 inches long. The knife weighs in at 5.4 ounces. Seems like the perfect size knife for combat tactical performance. This is a good knife to be had by a police man, or a military unit. The blade has a unique drop point design to leaving the tip of the blade very usable for punctures. This knife will go through it’s intended object, and slice nicely through it as well. The buyer is given the option of a plain finish, or can opt in for the titanium nitride finish. Over time one must expect some wear with the coating, but that goes with the territory.

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Aus 8 Japanese stainless steel was used for the blade, and the Japanese are quite respected in the area of steel manufacturing. A stronger steel would be used for a larger knife, but at this size range, they made the right call. This knife is very ergonomic. The handle is GRN, glass reinforced nylon, and was made to take a pounding. The handle is nicely textured and designed to offer response as well as a very sure grip. Large hands and smaller hands fair just fine with this handle, and the material is slip resistant when wet. There will be no worries when using this blade in hot sweaty climates, or those cold and rainy areas as well.

This knife comes with a brilliant sheath. This sheath has two very thick slices of kydex material that have has rivets driven through for attachment. Just a brilliant fit of the knife into the sheath, and is quite secure, while at the same time not being a chore at all to remove from the sheath. The bottom of the sheath has had a small hole put into to drain moisture when needed as to avoid any premature rot or corrosion. The sheath comes with a strong belt loop to it, and has a strap blend of kydex and cordura. There is velcro to keep the handle secure, and a button to the strap also. The sheath can be adjusted for right or left hand users.

To sum it up, this is a great combat knife with an excellent sheath. At under a hundred dollars, it’s hard to see how we gone wrong with this item. I always suggest reading multiple reviews before making a commitment.

Product retails for around $95.

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