Boker 121551 Dam.

Boker 121551 Dam – Tactical Knife Straight from the Middle Ages

If you are looking for a beautiful tactical knife to add to your collection, then consider buying the Boker 121551 Dam. It has been designed and made based on the traditional European Damascus sword smithing process. As a result, you get a well-crafted knife that will be a good addition to your collection.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Swiss pike men often carried a knife known as the Baselard. And this is where the design of the Boker 121551 Dam comes from. The knife has a crescent-shaped pommel and hand guard just like the knives used by the pike men. And the best thing about the knife is that it was made using the ancient smithing process used during the middle Ages.

The Blade

The blade of the Boker 121551 Dam is composed of four bands of twisted Damascus steel that are made of manganese and nickel tool steel. The steel is forged to form the perfectly symmetrical blade through a challenging smithing process. Each strip of blade is composed of a Damascus packet that was hand-forged and twisted 15 times. Then the forger fire welds four twisted Damascus packets to create the blade of the knife.

The blade possesses the legendary strength of the Damascus steel. Not only that, the smithing process has resulted to the unique pattern on the blade, which is known as twisted Damascus. Twisted Damascus blades were known to be the best type of blades during the middle Ages. They were reserved for use by kings, princes, and other nobles. But now you have the chance to own one for yourself.

The complex forging process can only be done by well-trained Damascus forgers. And Boker has Andreas Henrichs to do the blades for them. The renowned knife maker is just one of the few who can create a masterpiece such as the Boker 121551 Dam. The famous knife maker has made lots of knives for the company. And all of them are of high quality.

Handle and Sheath of the Boker 121551 Dam

The handle of the Boker 121551 Dam is made from ebony wood that has been hand-picked to ensure its quality. It complements the highly polished pommel and hand guard of the knife. The sheath of the knife is made of leather and has been sewn by hand.

About Boker

Boker is one of the oldest German knife makers. It is known to forge high-quality knives that last for ages. The company makes sure that the knives they make are perfect and without flaws. That’s why collectors from all across the globe sought Boker knives for their collection.

And if you are looking for a unique item to add to your knife collection, then consider the Boker 121551 Dam. It is serialized with only 500 pieces made. If you love knives, then you should consider buying one for your own. The package comes with a certificate of authenticity and a wooden gift box.

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