Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum.

Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum

Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum is without a doubt one of the finest knives ever made. With attention to detail and high-quality standards, this knife is ideal for literally any task. The last of Warcraft series, it has a heavy chopping blade and an amazing design.


The blade’s length is 12’’, and its thickness is 5 mm. the knife’s overall length is 17’’ and its weight is 18 oz. The steel in the blade is U.S CPM 3-V high carbon with DLC coating. This makes Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum powerful and strong. The handle has a strong grip and is 5’’ long. It also has a cold steel secure sheath.

First Impression

While holding it into your hand, you can feel its enormous power. It is definitely more weighted than the usual knives of the same size. It has more reach and more cutting power. This one is going to perform more than a short sword than a long knife. The handle seems to be extremely ergonomic and comfortable. It is very well balanced. It comes along with a sheath that you can fix according to your gear very easily.

General Features

By purchasing this knife, you will be able to execute a wide range of activities. Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum is ideal for any outdoor task, from camping to hunting; this knife will not let you down. It is so strong; you can test it in many different projects so as to be sure this is your ideal knife. This knife is made with high-quality military standards. These types of knives were among the favorite weapons the soldiers had. This knife can absolutely protect you from any kind of threat.


Take the time to test the knife. Take it with you outdoors and try it out even in the most demanding tasks. You will see that it is capable to do literally anything. By holding the Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum to your strong grip, you can make your outdoor activities a lot easier.

It can be used to sharpen anything, from wood to other knives you may possibly have with you. Use it to cut some extra wood for your camping fire. It does an excellent job for skinning animals or cutting meat. It can penetrate to metal really easy. All you have to do is try it out.

Experienced Buyer

If you have many knives in your collection and you know how to use them, you will find this knife can easily replace all the others. It is strong and delicate at the same time. This is not a knife only for strong, big tasks. It can easily sharpen a pencil at the same time. If you are a really experienced user, we definitely recommend you to try a beautiful, army like shaving! It can do that as well.


All and all, Coldsteel 13 TXL Magnum is just the knife to accompany you to all the favorite activities. It will not let you down at any moment! Try it today and be amazed at its excellent performance!

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