Columbia River 2915 Shinbu.

Columbia River 2915 Shinbu Review

There is an increasing amount of tactical knives that resembles the characteristic of a Japanese samurai sword. You are probably familiar with the hisshou and the hissatsu knife, the Shinbu would be the smaller version of the Hisshou knife which is also manufactured by Columbia River. The knife comes with a unique wooden enclosure with a nice finish and polish which looks like the wooden box of the premium samurai swords. It comes with a locking mechanism made out of brass and a rubber base that keeps it stable. But enough with the presentation let us analyze the features of the 2915 Shinbu by CRKT.

Features of Columbia River 2915 Shinbu

Once you open the packaging of the Columbia River 2915 Shinbu, the first thing you will notice would be the simplistic yet beautiful design of the knife. The length of the blade measure at approximate 9 ¼ inches which is made of YK30 steel which is a version of stainless steel that has a high carbon content. It has a flat ground style to zero edge. Compared to other tactical knives, I didn’t notice any second level on the blade. In case it has a second level, I think it is exceedingly narrow. It has a 57-59 Rockwell hardness, a total length of 14 ¾ inches and a weight of 13.3 oz.

Similar with the Japanese samurai sword, the Columbia River 2915 Shinbu has the same curve. But there are still few differences between the Japanese and the Western tanto especially on the corner of the blade. Japanese tanto has a seamless trailing point and looks more graceful. The blade is perfect for slashing which is not surprising since the knife is created as a fighting knife just like the wakizashi; however, the shinbu is relatively smaller. But for a tactical knife, the size of the Shinbu is perfect, a little longer and it will look awkward, and you will probably have problem in carrying them.

The knife is designed by renowned designer James Williams for Columbia River. With his experience as a martial artist and an army officer, he was able to create a stunning blade that is designed for fighting. Obviously, the knife is not just designed for doing simple outdoor task; it is specifically crafted for military use. The more that you get accustomed in using the Columbia River 2915 Shinbu, the more that you will understand how lethal this tactical knife is.

The tip of the blade can be compared to the point of the needle which will easily penetrate any armor. The blade is extremely thick which makes it a very sturdy and strong knife. When it comes to the handle, the cord wrap provides a great grip and the materials used in the handle are super durable. The cord wrapping is extremely tight; it won’t budge or bend even if you placed too much pressure to it. It almost feels like the fabric has solidness comparable to wood. The serpentine grip is a superior solution to the groves that we see in the customary tactical knife.

Overall, the Columbia River 2915 Shinbu is a fighting knife that is great for slashing and self-defense that provides you a steady grip and the best value for your money.

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