ISAK Commando Israel Army.

ISAK Commando Israel Army 11.7IN Review

This is creatively designed knife that was, and it is still used mostly by the Israel Army. This is because of its robust design and excellent parts fixation which make it stronger than most of the outdoor knives. It is perfect outdoor working tool that is enriched with a glass puncture tool at the end of the knife. With a blade made from steel grade of Grade 440C, you can be sure that it is going to serve well and as required without reducing in quality. For all your cutting needs, you can rely on this knife because it has all that you need.

Physical Features of the Knife

The knife has blade length of 6.7 inch which makes it a medium sized knife that can make you to cut all sorts of objects that you may need. The blade has more weight at its back side so that it intensifies the cutting force when the user is forcing it to penetrate in the materials being cut. The overall length of the knife is 11.7 inches so it is like a medium sized machete that can handle all sorts of obstacles on your way. With a blade thickness of 0.21 inch, you would be sure that after sharpening, it will remain sharp for long before turning to be blunt.

The handle is made from G10fiberglass based laminate that gives the handle a robust strength to make it withstand all the forces of cutting hard objects. The handle is made with marks and lines to offer a perfect gripping effect that would avoid the knife from slipping out of the users hand even when there is rain or moisture. With a very light weight of 1lb, you can carry it on your waist without getting tired at all. The slippery design makes it is to clean the knife by just wiping.

A Durable Knife

Since the knife is made from steel, it can withstand all the harsh environmental facts without reducing in quality. Its sheath is made from pure steel that is well fixed using hard materials to ensure that you keep the knife in its place before you put it on the waist. The design is made easy to withdraw from its keeping place making sure that you have it when you need it without harming yourself. The knife has a robust nature such that even when it is used in chemical environment, it will not corrode or reduce in quality.

According to the reviews from previous users, the knife stays sharp for long before going blunt again. It is known to give you nothing but the best cutting services. Military men, fishermen, and people who go hunting can have this knife because it offers quick and flexible cutting services. You always need a weapon that you can rely on to ensure that you stay confident and pursue your mission to the end. This is the tool that would be at your service when you need it in the wilderness.

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