John EK Commando EK44.

John EK Commando EK44 1095 Review

After Ka-Bar successfully gained the rights to manufacture John EK Commando Knives, the company has introduced us the John EK Commando EK44 1095 model which is like an upgraded model of the classic jungle knife. The tactical knife highlights the customary ‘x’-head pin, textured handle and the double-edge blade. It also comes with a sheath that features a self-locking mechanism and the ability to maintain the sharpness of the blade.

Features of the John EK Commando EK44 1095

The Ka-Bar EK44 1095 model has a blade length of 6.45 inches and a cutting edge of 5.75 inches. The blade has a thickness of roughly 0.148 inches. And the handle measures at 5.875 inches long, which gives the knife a total length of 12.375 inches.

The blade of the John EK Commando EK44 1095 is made from 1095 Cro Van which is one of the more popular material in manufacturing knife since this metal can be sharpened easily. It is a material that is similar with 1095, but it contains Vanadium and Chromium and probably Molybdenum. This material is wickedly tough and can be ultra sharp. The chromium content added the high level of corrosion resistance which can be considered as stainless. However, remember that all types of metal can acquire staining if they are not properly taken care of. Vanadium, on the other hand, adds that hardness and also contributes to its resistance against wearing.

The style of the blade is a spear point, double edged knife. This design makes them ideal as throwing knives. They have a very sharp and strong point allowing it to penetrate even armor. The needle-like point makes them ideal for piercing. But you need to make sure that both of the edges of the knife have the desired sharpness when using it for piercing. It also has black parkerized finished which makes the knife stunning.

When it comes to the handle, it has a thickness of 0.86 inches which makes it very comfortable when holding the knife. It is made from a glass-filled nylon material that has resistance on pressure and wearing. This type of material is being utilized in various type of industrial application such as rollers, pulleys, guide wheels, wear pads, bearings and other elements due to its outstanding characteristic and high mechanical strength.

The Sheath of the John EK Commando EK44 1095 is made from Celcon that highlights a retention strap. The weight of the knife is about 14.2 oz which is just ideal for a tactical knife. It would not feel too heavy and will feel very comfortable when you are using the knife. When you use it with the sheath, the weight will increase to 14.2 oz. Carrying the knife with the sheath will not be an issue since it comes with a strap that you can attach on your belt.

All in all, this is a nice piece of equipment that is great for piercing. The company maintains the minimalistic appeal of the knife while focusing too much on the durability and the usability of the product.

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