Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8.

Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8

This is a survival knife! For those who are well experienced and know exactly what they want from a knife, it is best to try the Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8. This is a multi-tasking amazing survival knife that will definitely enable you to perform your daily tasks easier and with more confidence.

Specific Features

The knife’s overall length is 12 ½ ‘’. It has a 7 ½ ‘’ black titanium finish. This has a stainless blade AUS-8 that is partially serrated. Its handle is made from black aluminum. Inside the handle, you may find a survival kit. It also features a compatible belt sheath that you can adjust according to your needs. It has a beautiful black cord lanyard as well.


Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8 is one of the most magnificent and well-designed options among survival knives. Apart from the main cutting sharp blade, at the opposite side, you may also find a steep and thick cutting edge. This can be ideal for chopping off larger items without having to damage your main blade.

It has a beautiful thick and strong blade. However, you may find it is a little more difficult to sharpen that blade than in most of survival knives. Take it with you outside and feel its extreme power running through your hand.

Survival Kit

By opening the handle, you may find a cylinder container. This is your survival kit, and of course, you can modify it according to your specific needs. However, this kit contains bandage, matches and some other important items for your survival. Take the time to think about your survival kit and perhaps make a few adjustments.

Cutting Ability

There is nothing that this knife cannot cut. All you need to do is test it and find out. From thick meat to aluminum surfaces, this is the ideal knife no matter the specific outdoor activity of your preference.

If you like to hunt, this will definitely become an asset to your hunting process. You can easily finish the skinning without any problem. Its grip will remain strong even if the knife is all wet. No reason to worry, this knife will be there even for the most challenging tasks.


If you are a fan of camping, Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8can offers you its valuable services. With this knife, you can cut the ropes as thick as they may be. You can start a fire by using the blade or even the survival kit in the handle. If you have any meat with you and you and you want to start a barbecue [always by following the safety instructions] this is the knife that will help you cut the meat into nice little pieces?


If you love outdoors and you want to be a professional while enjoying the nature, Kizlyar KK0076 AUS-8is the ideal knife for you. Even if you don’t have much experience, you will learn many things really fast once you begin using this knife!

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