Viper David Fixed Blade.

Viper David Fixed Blade PVD Review

The Viper David Fixed Blade PVD is a full tang knife that is made in Maniago, Italy. Maniago, Italy is where the Tencocut Company is based out of, which makes all the Viper brand knives. There are other popular knives brands from Italy are based out of Maniago.

The Viper David Fixed Blade PVD is a fixed blade knife and comes with a Cordura MOLLE compatible sheath. The sheath has a belt loop that makes it easy to carry in the field. The knife is 8 inches in length, with a 4-inch blade. It weights 260grams, which is on the heavier side for this length and style of knife. Even with the heavier weight, the Viper David is a great option for a tactical or a camping/hiking knife.


The blade on the Viper David is made of AISI D2 tool steel. The blade is coated with black PVD, which protects the blade and improves the durability of the Viper David.

The blade is 4 inches in length. The AISI D2 tool steel is 0.228”, which is thick enough for regular field use. Regular sharpening is recommended to keep the knife sharp. The knife is sharp and durable enough to cut most types of wood and wild meat. The blade is a dual point blade, so there is a smaller blade edge on the Viper David.

Handle and Sheath

The handle is made from Green Micarta, which has the Viperskin handle texturing. The handle is made for both right and left-handed users. This makes it comfortable to use no matter what your preferred hand is, which is important especially if you are left-handed.

The Viper David is a fixed blade, full tang knife, which means that the metal of the blade runs the whole length of the knife. This does make the knife more durable and helps the handle be weighted
correctly, so it is comfortable to use.
The Viper David comes with a Cordura MOLLE compatible sheath. The sheath is ambidextrous because the core surrounds the whole inside of the sheath. The handle is also ambidextrous, so there is no worry about being uncomfortable carrying or holding the fire striker. There is a belt loop that makes it easy to carry with you are all times. On the front, there is a small pocket where you can store items, like a fire striker in.


The Viper David Fixed Blade PVD is a great option for a fixed blade knife for both field uses and tactical reasons. The handle is designed to be used in both hands, so there are no worries for people who are left- handed. There is also a Cordura sheath that comes with the knife, which makes it easy to carry with you. The blade is made from tool steel that is very durable and easy to sharpen, even in the field. Overall, the Viper David is overall an excellent fixed blade knife. It is a little bit heavy, but it is easy to adjust to the extra weight.

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