Boker 12545 Applegate.

Boker 12545 Applegate Review

The Boker 12545 Applegate is a dagger style knife, which has a 5 inch blade. The Boker 12545 Applegate was designed by William Harsey, who is well-known for his tactical knife designs. Many of his knives are highly sought after across the globe because they are custom made. The Boker 12545 Applegate is currently being used around the world by several elite units. The Applegate has been enhanced to have many modern features. The blade is double-edged and made from steel. There is a glass breaking tool on the handle.


The blade is 5 inches in length and is made from steel that has been bead blasted at 440C. This makes the steel extremely durable and able to hold its edge for a long time. The blade of the Boker 12545 Applegate is a double edged blade, which improves its cutting capabilities. The blade comes with a razor sharp edge, and you can sharpen the blade yourself if the blade becomes dull. However, it can be difficult to sharpen because the steel is not meant to be sharpened a lot. The size of the blade also makes it a challenge to use for food preparation. Since it is a dagger style knife, these are common problems for the style of knife, not the knife itself.

Handle and Sheath

The handle of the Boker 12545 Applegate is made from green Micarta, which is a popular material for tactical knives. The handle is 4 inches long, so it fits comfortably in most sizes of hands. The grip on the Applegate is designed to allow for a secure grip even in wet or icy conditions, which makes it a great option for a field knife. It also has a glass-breaking tool on the end of the handle.

The Boker 12545 Applegate does come with its own sheath. The sheath is made from nylon by the Spec-Ops Brand. The sheath can be mounted in different positions, so you can comfortably carry and grab the Applegate. The sheath is also designed to carry other items in its front pouch like a multi-tool or another knife.


The Boker 12545 Applegate is overall a good dagger; however, as a field knife on its own, it is limited to what you can do with it. Nevertheless, if you are adding the Boker 12545 Applegate to a camping bag or a BUG-OUT bag that has other tools in it, you may find it more useful. The blade is made from steel which helps with the durability of the knife, but it can have problems holding its edge. This means that you will need to carry your sharpening tools with you.

The weight of the Applegate is 8.50 oz, which does make it slightly heavier than other daggers. This can make the Boker 12545 Applegate uncomfortable to use if you have been using another dagger. The Boker 12545 Applegate is a good option for a tactical dagger, but daggers have more limitations than other styles of knives. You may not need the Boker 12545 Applegate in your bag, especially if you have other fixed blade knifes.

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