Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting.

Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Review

Ka Bar is one of the most iconic combat knives in the world. The design of the Ka Bar was meant to help with surprise attacks. At the same time, many people use the Ka Bar as a utility knife because it is compact and razor sharp.

The Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife is the latest version of the Ka Bar, which had upgrades done. Some of the major changes include adding a partially serrated blade, a rubber grip, and changing the color of the handle.


The blade of the Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife is 7 inches long and is made from tool steel. This is a medium length blade, which makes it very versatile. It also durable enough to complete most tasks without damaging the blade. However, it is partially serrated, which can make it harder to sharpen.

The full tang is really a stick tang. This does not really affect the durability of the knife, but some people are not fans of this style.

Handle and Sheath

The handle has seen a complete overhaul. The design of the finger-guard has changed with the D2, so you can now place your thumb on top of the blade. The finger-guard is now thicker and rounded off, which makes it comfortable to hold. The color of the handle has also changed to a matte black. The handle has a Kraton G grip used, which can help with your grip in wet and icy environments. It also helps limit the amount blisters that you get from using the knife for a long period of time.

The Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife comes with a Cordura sheath. The sheath is made from nylon and has a pocket on the front. The sheath comes with a knife and hook sharpener from Readi-
Edge. You can replace the sheath with leather one, especially if you are not a fan of nylon sheaths.


The Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife is a great addition to anyone’s knife collection. It is mostly an upgrade to the original Ka Bar, which has been a long time coming. There are many changes to the original Ka Bar to make the D2 and most of them were asked for by the community. The Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife is one of the knives that is very versatile because it can be used both for defense and field work.

Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife is a unique knife because it can complete so many tasks without showing huge amount damage. It is very durable and sharp. For those who have many knives and other tools in their collection, the Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife may not see a huge amount of use. It is more of a multi-use knife that is fairly easy to carry with you on a daily basis. However, for some people, the medium length blade can make it hard to carry at times since the sheath is on the larger side.

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