Spyderco Street Bowie.

Spyderco knives operates out of Golden Colorado, USA. Their knives are known for being unique and quite different from other knives on the market. One could actually say, with good reason, that their knives kind look a bit weird. However, this is one of those cases where weird is just fine. Spyderco is one of … [Read more…]

Blackwater Ursa 6.

The Ursa 6 is a hot looking knife. With a dense 6 mm spine, this knife is 11 inches long, and offers a blade that is 5.95 inches long. This is very much a tactical combat knife. Its not a bush knife or a knife intended for camp sites, but it really is strong enough … [Read more…]

KA-BAR Marine Combat.

KA-BAR is an American icon. Having been fabricating knives since 1898, their products are legendary among knife enthusiasts. What they make is known for it’s process, testing procedures and quality. Much is done to be sure the knives are corrosion resistant, remain strong for decades, maintain their edge and overall durability. In other words when … [Read more…]

SOG Ops Tactical.

SOG is a popular name in knives, and they do combat, tactical knives quite well. This Ops knife is 9.5 inches in length, and has a blade that is 4.85 inches long. The knife weighs in at 5.4 ounces. Seems like the perfect size knife for combat tactical performance. This is a good knife to … [Read more…]

Gerber Silver Trident.

Gerber was founded during calendar year 1939, and of course is based out of Portland Oregon, USA. An awesome American brand, the products of Gerber have a truly global expanse,and the company, as well as what it makes, is respected world wide. Tradesman, hunters, fisherman, military people, all have had a hand in carrying Gerber … [Read more…]

Pohl Force Mike One.

So let’s take a look at the Mike One. This knife has a full length of 8.6 inches. The knife has a weight of 5.7 ounces. Lion Steel Knives of Italy is the parent company of this product, and as is the case with most Italian knives, this knife is tough. With it’s length of … [Read more…]

Rothco British Commando.

British Commando knives have been legendary since before WWI. The British Empire at one time had plenty of territory to defend, and having a good knife at one’s side was an imperative. This particular commando knife comes with a very long and thick blade to it. This knife is quite similar to the Fairbairn Sykes … [Read more…]

Desert Nomad Knife.

It was eighteen years ago. Late in the year 1998, that Tops Knives was born. The objective was quite clear. Design, create, and manufacture the very best quality of knives that could be found. The Tops group has labored extensively with people who have a background in survival, martial arts, native american weaponry, law enforcement, … [Read more…]

Adept 1010 Tanto Blade.

This is another fine Italian blade. The Adept 1010 has a 5.91 inch blade length as well as .20 inches of blade thickness. The blade itself is made of N690C0 hardened stainless steel which measures at about 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Reflection of light as well as possible corrosion is guarded against by … [Read more…]

Extrema Ratio Bayonet.

Extrema Ratio is one of those foreign companies that Americans cannot help but to love and respect. Extema deals in very high quality and top notch performance weapons. Having been in business for nearly twenty years now, Extrema Ratio is legendary for it’s excellence in the arena of tactical and military styled knives. Every knife … [Read more…]